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Почём пророки в идиотском краю?

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4th September 2008

12:00am: Па-а-ехали

4th September 2007

12:00am: Ну-с, приступайте-с ;))

4th September 2006

12:02am: It's that time again :P
C'mon people y'know I write comments... so add me add me add me :P

EDIT: Да, загул 16-17. Звоните, договоримся

4th September 2005

12:00am: А не думаете ли вы, коллеги, что пора мне уже прекратить выпендриватьсяCollapse ) и начать вести журнал как все нормальные люди?

28th April 2005

11:51pm: This does it!
Came across this tonight; can't agree more. I hereby officially proclaim that even though this blog is technically not quite Russian, all the "afftary" are encouraged to kindly fuck off lest woe, screening, and banning befall. Oh well, yet another belated semiannual post.

4th September 2004


4th September 2003

12:24pm: My new friend, kinda
Now this is a perfect match, twelve months, twelve friends. And, to celebrate a year of having the not-so-live journal, I thought I'd befriend someone - some one, that is, one - as well. Choosing didn't turn out to be as complicated as one might have thought or hoped for, rather, the choice has been plainly obvious for some months now. The stray reader happening upon this lonely page is encouraged to consult user info to find out who. Ask me how and I'll tell you where... Oh, and a happy birthday wishes go out to a friend of mine ;))

EDIT: Friends seem to have started mushrooming out, thirteen and counting. A more pleasant sight than mushrooms, which are the curse of the year, might I add ;))
Current Mood: sleepy

7th March 2003

4:21pm: Thank you my friends
I seem to have missed my not-quite-so-live journal turning 6 months. What I don't seem to have missed, though, is that these 6 months earned me as much as 7 friends - a friend and a sixth a month! And all this without a single entry! Thank you all for bearing with me, and have a great spring!
Current Mood: indescribable

4th September 2002

2:46pm: God knows I didn't want one, but here it is. I believe I eliminated everything I don't want to be here, but of course I added nothing I want to be here just because I want nothing so far. I guess I'll be coming here once in a while to see how my LiveJournal does without me ;))
See ya
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